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  • How do I get a quote?
    The first step is to fill out our Wedding Questionnaire. After a quick review and confirmation of date availability, we will send you an email to schedule a consultation. IMPORTANT! If you don’t receive a response within 48 hours, please, check your junk mail folder.
  • Is there a fee for your consultation?
    There is no charge for our initial meeting. This is a chance to introduce ourselves and get to know you a bit as well as provide you with valuable, experienced feedback.
  • Do I need a consultation?
    We understand how important it is to create a beautiful and memorable ambiance for your special day. From the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres to centerpieces and altar decorations, we help you choose the perfect flowers that reflect your unique vision for your wedding day We want to speak with you. We need to gather information, your vision, your expectations, what you like and what you don’t - A consultation is the best way to do this.
  • How long is the consultation meeting?
    It depends, we try to keep consultations within 30 minutes but they can go over depending on the intricacy of the request.
  • What services do you offer?
    We are a full service design florist, we offer delivery, setup, rentals, breakdown and have connection to other vendors if help is needed in other areas as well.
  • What kind of florals do you offer?
    Anything you can think of. You imagine it, and let us bring it to reality. Hanging Flowers, Aisle Decor, Altar Decor, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Centerpieces, Chuppah, Decor, Corsages, Flower Crowns, etc. Our product comes from all over the world as well as our select group of growers in our own back yard. If it's in bloom on the planet earth, we can provide it.
  • What designs do you offer?
    Classic, Country, Eclectic, Glamorous, Modern, Nautical, Garden, Romantic, Rustic, Tropical, Vintage, and any new and trending styles.
  • How does the design process work?
    After our first meeting we will provide you with an initial quote. If you feel comfortable with us, you may secure the date with a retainer provided after we speak. Once you booked you can relax and know you have the very best people in the industry on your team, a second meeting is usually closer to the wedding date and the final conversation is usually a quick button up to make sure we are set for perfection
  • How will you know what I like?
    It is not a required, but we find Pinterest boards very helpful, If thats too scary for you we keep a digital file for your event and we can add any images you send us to make sure its all in one spot when we get ready to design for your event. If you just want it done, Let our designers work their magic and you can trust we'll bring your vision to reality even if you are not sure what your vision is, we can build it. We will send you an email to show you how to share your Pinterest Board with us if you created one.
  • Do you work exclusively with other vendors?
    No, but we do have our favorites. We have 25 years on business, and we have build strong and collaborative relationships with the most successful vendors in the region. If you have someone on your list that is not on ours we are happy to work with them. Just because we don't know them does not mean they are not good it just may be that we have not met them yet, and we love meeting new talented people.
  • What makes you different from other florists?
    As a floral buyer, I know quality product and I've been to the growers in other countries and have built many relationships over the years in the industry and have an eye for design not only from my floral design background but my merchandising and marketing background and management skills. My customer service is unmatched from many years in retail as well. your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. For you, Your families and your friends. We make sure it is perfect in design, scale, and budget
  • Do you have general packages or can you tailor to our specific needs?
    We prefer to speak with our clients about what they expect. They set the budget, and we design within those numbers. Some clients need to be educated on the costs and what goes into design an event, and that is where you receive the biggest benefits from meeting with us. We will guide you and show you the options but ultimately you are the one who we are working for.
  • Do you have a minimum budget?
    Yes, the minimum budget for florals at White Lotus Floral Design is $3,500.
  • What is the average price for a bridal bouquet?
  • What is the average price for a bridesmaid's bouquet?
  • What is the average price for a boutonniere?
  • What is the average price for a low table centerpiece (per arrangement)?
  • What is the average price for an elevated table centerpiece (per arrangement)?
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